Output 1: Creative Business Development Curriculum for Nascent Creative Entrepreneurs

Project partners will develop a brand new, modular curriculum to support nascent creative entrepreneurs of all ages fulfill their entrepreneurial potential in the creative industry sector. The agreed learning outcomes outlined in the curriculum framework provided by Boreal Innovation will be the constant benchmark for partner work and this will allow partners to tailor content to suit local cultural and societal values.
The creative business development curriculum will be delivered in a blended learning format and will comprise approximately 35 hours face-to-face classroom based learning and 65 hours of self-directed learning.

  • Task 1 – Training Needs Analysis (TNA)
  • Task 2 – Curriculum Framework
  • Task 3 – Learning Manual
  • Task 4 – Translation
  • Task 5 – Production
  • Task 6 – piloting – Each partners will pilot the creative business development curriculum in their own partner country by the end of month 18. A minimum of 10 nascent creative entrepreneurs will complete the training in each partner country
Output 2: In-service Training for VET Professionals

Download the Trainers Manual

Partners will develop a bespoke in-service training programme to ensure that VET professionals are equipped to deliver the creative business development curriculum; that they can make full use of the proposed e-learning platform; that they can deliver the training in a blended learning environment.

  • Task 1 – Training Needs Analysis (TNA)
  • Task 2 – In-service training
  • Task 3 – Translation
  • Task 4 – Production
  • Task 5 – Piloting – a transnational training event will be held in Marseilles, France in month 14 to pilot the in-service training. All partners will send 3 VET tutors to this event. Following any revisions the curriculum will be implemented between months 15 and 16 and 10 additional VET tutors will complete the training in each partner country.
Output 3: eLearning portal

AcrossLimits will develop an e-learning portal as a one-stop-shop providing instant access to the full suite of learning resources developed. The proposed e-learning portal will support a wide range of innovative on-line course-ware. It will incorporate a learner tracking mechanism to enable VET professionals monitor the progress of creative entrepreneurs through the various different curriculum modules provided. It will also support the delivery of the in-service training curriculum. It will be fully web 2.0 compliant and will include all the standard and expected social media features that are now an essential part of on-line learning. The e-learning portal will also host a library of creative business case studies to act as an inspiration to nascent creative entrepreneurs engaged in the business development programme.

The portal will be optimized for mobile access and will function equally well on laptop, tablet or smartphone. Technical requirements to support all project activities will be discussed at all partner meetings. All partners will test the suitability of the on-line platforms and provide feedback to Across Limits to inform further development. Across Limits will develop and update all on-line infrastructures throughout the project life-cycle and transfer administration rights and hosting rights to relevant partners in each country at the end of the project lifecycle.
The innovative elements of the e-learning portal are the user tracking which can provide an evidence base for, and help inform, future service provision.

  • Task 1 – Platform Architecture – Across Limits will present proposed system architecture at the partner meeting in M7 for discussion. All partners will present this architecture to their local working group and provide feedback by M8.
  • Task 2 – Prototype Development – Across Limits will develop a fully functioning prototype and present it at the partner meeting in Ml 2. All partners will again test the prototype with stakeholders and provide feedback.
  • Task 3 – Operational E-learning Portal – between Ml 3 and Ml 8, Across Limits will complete all development work on the portal and upload all training content. The portal will be fully functioning by Ml 8.
Output 4: Policy Paper

Download Policy Paper (EN)

The proposed policy paper will consider 2 key issues:

  • the changing role of VET professionals in future education provision with the proliferation of on-line platforms
  • the need for bespoke creative industry sector business training programmes to stimulate growth in the sector and support economic development in communities

The policy paper will consider why a change of approach might be relevant; the policy options available and the pros and cons of each option. Finally the policy paper will recommend a course of action based on the experiences and lessons learned in the course of the Kre8r project and will be presented at the planned National Campaigns.
The policy paper will be completed by month 22 to allow time for translation by all partners.
The document will be designed for printing in all partner languages. It will also be available on the website and also on the Facebook page.

  • Task 1 – Policy Questionnaire
  • Task 2 – Drafting Policy Paper
  • Task 3 – Translation
  • Task 4 – Design and Printing
Output 5: Creative Business Case Studies

In order to present some positive entrepreneurship stories and profiles and to try and outline the broadness of the creative industry sector project partners will develop a series of case studies profiling creative entrepreneurs and their businesses in each partner country. these case studies will be presented in a special case-study library on the e-learning portal as a reference tool to help inspire nascent creative entrepreneurs. Each partner will profile a minimum of 6 creative entrepreneurs and their businesses and present them as case studies in an agreed format. Case studies will be provided in English and in the language of the partner country where they are based. All case studies will be completed by month 15.

  • Task 1 – Case Study Format and Management
  • Task 2 – Producing Case Studies – Each partner will produce 6 in-depth case studies of creative businesses in their region. Partners will ensure that different sub-sectors of the creative industry sector are represented in the case studies.
  • Task 3 – Translation
  • Task 4 – Presentation – AcrossLimits will present all 42 case studies in an on-line library of creative businesses
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