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Helping the Creative Industry
What will we do?

Output 1: Creative Business Development Curriculum for Nascent Creative Entrepreneurs

Project partners developed a brand new, modular curriculum to support nascent creative entrepreneurs of all ages fulfil their entrepreneurial potential in the creative industry sector.

Output 2: In-service Training for VET Professionals

Partners developed a bespoke in-service training programme to ensure that VET professionals are equipped to deliver the creative business development curriculum; that they can make full use of the proposed e-learning platform; that they can deliver the training in a blended learning environment.

Output 3: eLearning portal

Across Limits developed an e-learning portal as a one-stop-shop providing instant access to the full suite of learning resources developed. The e-learning portal supports a wide range of innovative on-line course-ware. It incorporates a learner tracking mechanism to enable VET professionals monitor the progress of creative entrepreneurs through the various different curriculum modules provided.

Output 5: Creative Business Case Studies

In order to present some positive entrepreneurship stories and profiles and to try and outline the broadness of the creative industry sector project partners developed a series of case studies profiling creative entrepreneurs and their businesses in each partner country. These case studies are presented in a special case-study library on the e-learning portal as a reference tool to help inspire nascent creative entrepreneurs.

Output 4: Policy Paper

The policy paper considers why a change of approach might be relevant; the policy options available and the pros and cons of each option. Finally the policy paper reccomands a course of action based on the experiences and lessons learned in the course of the Kre8r project and was presented at the planned National Campaigns.

Project Facebook
1 year ago


Yesterday, Boreal Innovation presented Kre8r policy paper to the Interreg MED Programme in Marseille.
A really good opportunity to discuss about project deliverables and European project in the ... See more

1 year ago
7 Lifelong Learning Tips for Creative Entrepreneurs - - Sofia News Agency

Here's a few tips on how you can sustain your business ⭐️.

Every great entrepreneur knows that you never stop learning and every business endeavour is an opportunity for a new educational experience.

1 year ago
The 21st Century Demand for Creative Entrepreneurship, and How to Take Advantage

'When you see an inspiring ad in the subway, for instance, store it. When you scribble some drafts on a napkin over lunch with your colleagues, hold on to it. When a prophetic thought pops into your ... See more

The most popular "crazy" idea in recent years was Facebook. What kinds of crazy ideas do you have? Because they're really hot right now.

1 year ago
Photos from Kre8r_Project's post

Kre8r Final Conference

1 year ago
Photos from Kre8r_Project's post

Final Kre8r meeting in Marseille.

1 year ago
Website that Wows Free Trial — Solopreneur Sidekick | Website & Squarespace Help

Have you got a website for your business yet? Not sure where to start? Check out Louise Henry, otherwise digitally known as the Solopreneur Sidekick. She can help you build the website of your ... See more

Learn how to create your own stunning, professional website in a week (without the tech overwhelm!)

1 year ago
How to get TRACTION with your creative work: my three guidelines

What is traction when we are talking about a creative online business and what can you do to increase it?

You’ve been creating, making, doing and stressing, and STILL, the traction isn’t there. What is traction? Traction is when increasingly more people engage with your creative work. Traction is ... See more

1 year ago

Czech startup creative entrepreneurs present their Business!

Bec družstvo

1 year ago
2019 Outstanding Young Person award goes to a Czech for the first time

2019 Outstanding Young Person award goes to a Czech for the first time!

Innovator Pavel Podruh has been awarded for his projects of a self-supporting house and a household battery device.

1 year ago
Český Snuggs se stal třetím nejkreativnějším start-upem světa

The Czech start-up won 3rd place in the Creative Business Cup competition.

Agentura pro podporu podnikání a investic CzechInvest informuje o programech podpory průmyslu a podnikání, zprostředkovává českým podnikům přístup k dotacím ze strukturálních fondů ... See more

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