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Helping the Creative Industry
What will we do?

Output 1: Creative Business Development Curriculum for Nascent Creative Entrepreneurs

Project partners will develop a brand new, modular curriculum to support nascent creative entrepreneurs of all ages fulfill their entrepreneurial potential in the creative industry sector.

Output 2: In-service Training for VET Professionals

We will develop a bespoke in-service training programme to ensure that VET professionals are equipped to deliver the creative business development curriculum; that they can make full use of the proposed e-learning platform; that they can deliver the training in a blended learning environment.

Output 3: eLearning portal

An eLearning portal as a one-stop-shop providing instant access to the full suite of learning resources developed.

Output 4: Policy Paper

The policy paper will consider why a change of approach might be relevant; the policy options available and the pros and cons of each option.

Output 5: Creative Business Case Studies

In order to present some positive entrepreneurship stories and profiles and to try and outline the broadness of the creative industry sector project partners will develop a series of case studies profiling creative entrepreneurs and their businesses in each partner country.

Project Facebook
3 months ago
The 21st Century Demand for Creative Entrepreneurship, and How to Take Advantage

The 21st Century Demand for Creative Entrepreneurship, and How to Take Advantage:

The most popular "crazy" idea in recent years was Facebook. What kinds of crazy ideas do you have? Because they're really hot right now.

3 months ago
Why creativity is the most important soft skill companies look for right now

Why creativity is the most important soft skill companies look for right ... See more

In the age of AI, human creativity will become a company’s biggest asset and competitive advantage.

3 months ago
The Fundamentals of Becoming a Creative Entrepreneur

What does it mean to be a creative entrepreneur? If you work in a creative field—photography, writing, design, film, music, etc—and you are self-employed, running a business where you have ... See more

A brief guide on the best way to be a creative entrepreneur so you can set out to implement a successful creative process that works for you and your clients.

3 months ago
The Rise of the Creative Economy — Mark McGuinness | Creative Coach

The Rise of the Creative Economy:

In the last post we looked at the converging economic forces that make creativity a hot property in the 21st century. Mature economies such as the US, Europe, and Japan, which previously shifted from ... See more

4 months ago

Kre8r's Policy Paper: a splendid opportunity to discuss with VET professionals. Very interesting feedbacks and advices to improve creative trainings in the future.

Le document d'orientation ... See more

4 months ago

KRE8R project has designed a plateform dedicated to creative entrepreneurs #creativeindustry

Check it with your smartphone!

4 months ago
Kre8r Newsletter #5.pdf

The 5th edition of the Kre8r Newsletter is now ready !

As an EU Project, one of our main aims is to turn creative skills into sustainable businesses. Click on the following link to find out more: ... See more

4 months ago


Yesterday, Boreal Innovation presented Kre8r project to the Interreg MED Programme in Marseille.
A really good opportunity to discuss about project deliverables and European project in the ... See more

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